Wes Attestation And Verification Services In Thiruvalla

World Education Services (WES) is an international non-profit organization executed for enabling international students in achieving their objectives. WES provides their verification to more than 1.5 million students and experts in each year. WES verification requires only for US (United States) and Canada (WES Canada). After receiving this WES accreditation migrants can easily relocate to both of these western countries. Currently, WES verification is applicable only for these two countries, but in coming years WES verification will be strictly required in some more countries. Verification from World Education Services is necessary only for educational or academic certificates. World Education Services organization focuses on serving international students by providing confirmation to their educational certificates. The basic qualification required for applying WES verification is Bachelor Degree.

Major documents which require for this WES Canada verification are: –

Degree certificate, All semester mark sheet, Passport copy, WES form, WES Reference Number, 2 Passport size photos

All these above listed requirements are mandatory for getting WES verification. People use this verification mainly for obtaining permanent resident status purposes from US and Canada. To get your educational certificate verified with WES, first of all you need to send all these above noted required documents to WES organization. And they will check all your submitted documents before providing verification and after the verification process, it will send to US or Canada by mail or sealed envelope. This verification will improve the realness and believability of your academic certificates. Today, the WES test is compulsory for moving to these two nations US and Canada. So, every migrant must take WES test before you apply for getting a permanent residence status from any of these two countries. By gaining WES accreditation, immigrants can use their educational certificates everywhere in the destination nations. WES association enhances worldwide communication and global mobility by advocating and assessing the educational eligibility of the emigrants. Through WES recognition individuals can fully utilize their educational qualification in the concerned country. WES organization functions its operations fully through the official website of WES. World Education Service will give more standard to your certificate. It will help you to success in the international field. If you are searching for any WES verification services, get in touch with us today our professional team will make your WES verification fast.

The WES evaluation process is important for immigrating to Canada. WES document evaluation is not needed if you have completed your studies from the universities or schools in Canada. We help students, immigrants or job seekers to migrate, study, work and do business in Canada by assisting them in completing the WES evaluation procedure. Axis Attestation Services assists the candidates to get the university verification for the World Education Services (WES) from the Universities of India and other Countries like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, USA, UK, Australia etc. We also assist them in getting university transcript from the respective universities for completing the WES verification process.


Getting WES Verification from the Universities or other educational institutions is a big challenge for the residents and non-residents, whose location is different from the University’s location. The possible solution at present for the certificate holders is to: –

  • Hand over the documents to people travelling to the document issued city/State.
  • Mail all the documents over to friends or relatives living nearby the university to submit the request.
  • The applicant will have to make multiple trips to Universities/Colleges for the process.


Axis Attestation Services focus here to make the process as simple, easy and secure as possible, so as to save a lot of time and avoid mere waste of money. We have covered most of the colleges and Universities in India with our presence in almost all the major cities and states of India and Gulf. We also provide the services from UK, USA, Australia etc. We have a standard and speedy procedure of getting WES Verification for your documents. Our service acts like an interface between the University and Student/Candidate seeking Verification for WES Canada and US. The whole process is digitalized and hence it is hassle-free, fast and secure for you. The applicant is not forced to go through repetitive regression cycles and avoid multiple trips to the university. We have complete awareness of the protocol and the University requirements in our database. Our interaction with the university and the applicant is thus clear and accurate. Through us the entire process of getting Verification for WES or World Education Services is so simple. What you have to do is to make a visit to our office and submit the documents as per the requirements of University and WES or World Education Services. Within the specified duration you will get your documents verified and forwarded to the desired address.

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