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medical certificate attestation in dubai

Medical Certificate Attestation

Medical certificate attestation or sick leave attestation mainly enables you to claim your healthcare benefits and it is also a legalized document to submit as a proof to your office/company for not attending the office/company for certain period of time due to illness, for which you had gone through medical treatment at hospital or at home as per doctor’s advice. The process of validating a medical certificate has many phases of attestation. It has to be attested by different authorities and departments starting from the issuing country till to the country where it is intended to use.

As an individual, if you would like to attest a medical certificate, it is going to be the hectic task to do. We Prompt attestation services as an authorized and experienced attestation services provider can take care of your medical certificate attestation process by picking up your medical certificate from your residence or workplace till delivery of the completely attested medical certificate at your doorsteps. Please read the required documents, purpose of medical certificate attestation and details of concerned departments involved in the attestation process.

Documents required for Medical Certificate Attestation:
  • Original Medical Certificate
  • Passport copy.
  • 2 Photographs.
Main Purposes of Medical Certificate Attestation:
  • To claim your medical insurance.
  • To claim medical benefits/allowances from the company.
  • To obtain leave extension.
  • To prove the long term or short term absence to the office.
The Process of Medical Certificate Attestation:
  • Attestation from concerned Home Department. ( The Home country where the certificate was issued).
  • Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) – (Home country)
  • Attestation from UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate (The country where the certificate was issued).
  • Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE, (The country where the certificate intended to use).

To get your medical certificate attested without any obstacles, just follow the simple steps to reach our attestation experts and ask your doubts if any. Below are the easiest ways to contact Axis Attestation Services Services.

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