Australia certificate attestation

Australia Certificate Attestation

If you require Australia certificate attestation at last moment for any purpose in UAE, we are the reliable attestation service company to get it done for you. You do not need to send the originals unless you really need attestation on original documents. Getting the attestation on the copy will save the shipment time. Please go through the further details to get your attestation requirement fulfilled.

Australia Educational Document Attestation :

  • Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Post Graduation Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • M.Phil Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • School leaving Certificate Attestation for UAE.

Australia Personal Document Attestation :

  • Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Divorce Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Medical Experience Certificate Attestation for UAE
  • Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE
  • Death Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • Police Clarence Certificate Attestation for UAE.

Australia Commercial Documents Attestation :

  • Power of Attorney Attestation for UAE
  • Company Articles of Incorporation Attestation for UAE.
  • No Objection Certificate Attestation for UAE.

Process details for Australian Documents Attestation:


The notary public will see through and witness the certificate, if the certificate is genuine they will affix a signed notary seal.


When it is confirmed that the certificate is authentic. The certificate will be forwarded to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to attach the authentication of the certificate to the document.


As per the legalization process, UAE embassy in Canberra will verify the seal and the affixed signature of Notary Public and DFAT. After which the certificate of legalization will be attached by the embassy of UAE in Canberra on the first page.


Finally, after the Authentication from DFAT and UAE Embassy, the certificate will then be processed in UAE and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

Services Available:

  • Premium Service
  • Regular Service

Comforts of Prompt Services:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Online tracking system for documents status.
  • Document protection guaranteed.
  • Trusted by all the foreign embassies
  • Free pickup and delivery of the document.

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